Galileo’s New Tutoring Program Struggles

By Cybastian Dilinila

Galileo has stepped up its after-school tutoring efforts in an attempt to help more students from failing classes. Along with the popular Futurama tutoring after school, a new tutoring program, which started in January, is available for students who are struggling in Math, English, or Science in room 157 on Monday and Tuesdays from 3:30-5:30pm.

The new program has been spearheaded up assistant principal, Mr. Punjabi, who decided something needed to be done after looking at statistics from the Fall Semester of 2019, which showed over 300 Freshmen and sophomores that had at least 1 D in their classes, and at least 200 students with at least 1 F.

Mr. Panjabi’s implemented the tutoring program in hopes of helping students not have to make up failing grades in summer school or night school but instead finishing and earning the credits on time. Mr. Punjabi said, “I think their grades were incentive enough for the students to show up”

The tutoring staff consists of a number of Galileo teachers who are willing to stay to help students raise their grade. These teachers include Physics teacher Ms. Wong, Social Studies teacher Mr. Lynch, English teacher Ms. Morrison as well as volunteer math tutors.

Despite the best intentions of the tutoring program, so far things have not gone very well. After the first 2 weeks, the tutoring sessions have had no one attend. The low attendance may be explained by how the tutoring only takes place only on Monday and Tuesdays and most students can’t find the time to make it on those days.

Nevertheless, the tutoring staff is disappointed with the low attendance of students. Mr. Lynch said, “I’m sad that not a lot of kids go, but then again you can’t force anyone to go and if they are willing to come out and get the help they need we’ll be here they just need to show up that’s all.”

However, the tutoring staff is still hoping that things can turn around. Mr. Lynch states, “Wait until finals come around, the students will show up eventually.”

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