Football Seniors prepare for the next level

By Antonio HaroCasco

Galileo football will be represented well at the next level as 4 players from this year’s team will be moving on to play college football. These players helped Galileo win the first ever state championship for both San Francisco and Galileo last year. All 4 players will be attending the same college, Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC). Santa Rosa came to Galileo in November to take a look at prospective players for their program. The school ended up recruiting quarterback Ronald Fox, wide receiver Reese Bickart, Middle Linebacker Jimmie Edwards and Defensive Tackle Antonio Haro.  

Ronald Fox on the right

Ronald Fox chose to commit to SRJC because he feels it’s a great fit for him, and it gives him a chance to get outside of the city. What drove his decision to commit to SRJC was how the program was coming together and how the coaches made him feel part of the team when he went to visit the campus. Beyond attending SRJC, Ronald has plans to play football at a Division 1 college program, to prove that he belongs at the next level. He said, “I feel like I am underestimated, like I am underlooked. I want to prove that I want this more than anyone; like I truly belong on the field.” Ronald Fox will continue to play at the quarterback position in for SRJC.


After several schools showed interest in recruiting him, ranging from Division 1 to Division 3, including Oregon St,. University of Pacific, Locey University and Whittier, senior Reese Bickart ultimately felt like SRJC was the best choice for him to improve and succeed. While he played wide receiver at Galileo, he will be moving to the defensive side of the ball and play cornerback, due to the fact that the depth chart is quite long at the Receiver position. After his official college visit, he decided he wanted to attend Santa Rosa Junior College and put his long term plans in motion. He said, “I have 3 certain goals I’m striving  for; to earn all state, win a state championship, and earn a full ride to a D1 school.” Reese Bickart will be playing cornerback and wide receiver in college.

With a team high 24 sacks this season, Jimmie Edwards will hitting quarterbacks up at Santa Rosa with the other Lions. Jimmie Edwards chose to commit to SRJC because he felt that this was somewhere he belonged. He said, “I love the atmosphere and the way the coach’s want their players to succeed.” Jimmie is not only playing for himself, but also for someone who is always there for him. I do this for one person only and it’s for my mom. I want to get that D1 scholarship and make it to the NFL.” Jimmie Edwards will continue to play Middle Linebacker in college.

Antonio Haro rounds out the group of Lions that will suit up the Bear Cubs next year. After receiving a few offers from D2 and D3 schools on the east coast, Antonio decided going to a Junior College was the best option for him to grow as a student and athlete. While attending SRJC, he plans to stay there for 2-3 years while taking some classes towards his major, Architecture. His 3 major goals are to get a D1 scholarship and continue to play football, he wants to get his general education classes done as well as make his family proud, as he will be the first person in his family to attend college. “As I continue my journey through football and School, Santa Rosa Junior College will help me get one step closer to my true goal.”

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