Dream Careers Then & Now

Written By Wendy Ye

Coming into high school, the world seems to be full of opportunities, as most students have a dream career in mind, whether it be a teacher, doctor, or lawyer. However as students mature through high school, these dreams can be altered or even completely changed. Galileo seniors were interviewed about their dream career as freshmen and their dream career now as they get ready for college.

What was your dream job as a freshman and now as a senior? How did you get interested or inspired?



I don’t think I had a dream job, but now I want to be a food blogger because I really like writing, food, and culinary arts. I got interested from following a lot of food bloggers.

Grace H.








My dream job hasn’t changed. I still want to be an actor because I just see myself in big movies like Marvel. I got interested when I say how cool actors were in “Avengers”.

Justin P.








I wanted to be a soccer player because it seemed fun, but now I want to be a personal trainer because I like working out. I got interested because I like staying in shape and making sure that I do not get overweight.

-Daniel L.








I wanted to be a dentist, but I want to be a business owner now because I am not good at science. I am interested because I can be my own boss and make sure that I love a comfortable life. I was also told that I have an entrepreneur mindset.

-Daphne L.








I didn’t have a dream job when I came into high school, but now I want to get into physical therapy even though I am still unsure. I got interested by a psychology course I took at Galileo, and a city college course I took on child development which made me realize that I am more interested in the science of development rather than psychology. I also like interacting and connecting with people, so being in psychical therapy would give me that.

-Elena L.








I wanted to a game developer, but now I want to be a teacher because I don’t have any talent for game developing. I got inspired from Mr. Biorn. He made me want to be a physiology teacher.

-Calvin L.








I wanted to be a pharmacist because I knew that they made a decent amount of money and I wanted to be in the health care, but now I want to be a physician’s assistant because you just need two more years on top of undergrad. I got interested because you get to communicate with patients more as a physician assistant.

-Yaxaun Guan






I wanted to work at a shelter for kids because I love kids, but now I want to work in the medical field with children because I got inspired by health academy and science classes. I got interested and inspired when my teacher made me go to a conference at UC Berkeley that made me inspired in medicine again when I was kind of giving up. With the medical field, I can also use my knowledge and money to help children in shelters.

-Micah G.








I had two dream jobs. I wanted to be a chef and a teacher but leaned towards a chef because I like cooking. Now, I want to do something with criminal justice or criminology because I think that the FBI is cool since they solve cases. I got interested in watching criminal shows on Netflix.

-Jenny C.






I probably wanted to be an engineer because my cousin is in engineering and she makes a lot of money. My decision has not changed. I got interested because I like math and engineering has to do with math. My cousin is also inspiring.

-Frank Y.







My dream job was to be an architect because my dad does construction, but I want to be an archeologist now because it seems really interesting. I got interested from watching a documentary about history, and when I went to a trip to China where I got to visit places such as the Great Wall of China, Terracotta warriors, and the emperor’s palace.

-Sheri K.

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