How I got started in music production

Music, to many people, is a way to get away from everyday life full of hardships, stresses, and annoying people. For me, music is a way to relax my mind by focusing on something creative. Instead of just staying home wrapped in a blanket watching Netflix, I focus my energy on creating music from scratch.

I started first getting into music in 8th grade. I was completely oblivious on where to start so I started watching Youtube videos then experimenting with different software and programs. Around this time, I got really into EDM music and shifted my focus on becoming a DJ. I had a few minor gigs and played at a few parties but they all didn’t feel like it was right to me. I got bored of the party life and the loudspeakers breaking my eardrums. So in the beginning of Freshman year, I decided to take a more peaceful route, by creating music. I started off first creating House music but I realized that it was boring and I didn’t really like the sound I was making. During the same year, I moved on to Hip-Hop beats. I like the rap genre, so creating beats for it that my friends and I could mess around and freestyle to felt like a good idea. Although I enjoyed making beats, near the end of my Freshman year, I stopped making because it just wasn’t a huge prioirty for me and I didn’t have time for it anymore.

However, around December of this past year, my senior year, an assortment of struggles led me back to music. From stress at school to stress at home my go to recovery tool for all of it became music.

I started listening to a music genre called “Lo-fi.” This usually involved mixing samples and hip-hop type beats to create beautiful and relaxing music. Learning about the existence of this genre really opened my eyes and I felt it was the perfect genre for me, bringing together hip-hop and electronic music. It really helps me by bringing back older and simpler times were my life was relaxing and filled with joy. I associate Lo-fi with relaxation and it just makes me a happier person

I have really found something I enjoy doing, sometimes it can be rough not being able to come up with ideas or to have one at the top of my head but then forget. If you have something wrong in your life, I would highly suggest to listen to music you find soothing. There is always is a way to completely concentrate on something other than the negative parts in life and focus myself on something new and beautiful!

Soundcloud: Mikimi

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