Mr. Roman’s Retirement

By Linda Zhong

After teaching at Galileo High School for over 20 years, English teacher, Mr. Roman’s last day at Galileo was on Friday, April 19th. Mr. Roman first came to Galileo High School as a student teacher in 1992, left to teach at 3 other schools, but came back to Galileo 5 years later, when there was an opening in the English department. Mr. Roman will be remembered for joking around with students in the classroom, dressing up as a clown during Song and Yell, and his love for Disney. During his time at Galileo Mr, Roman taught all grade levels of English, with his favorite class being American Literature, with the Disney Twist.

“I want my students and colleagues to remember me as a mentor, teacher or friend. Some of the things I’ll always remember from my time at Galileo are having students write a love poem, the proms, and additional activities in class, ” said Mr. Roman.

The main reason for Mr. Roman’s sudden departure surrounds his health. He has been through numerous ups and downs with his body starting in 2011 when he missed the spring semester. Although he continued to deal with his ailments, he showed his dedication to teaching, never missing more than a few days in the classroom after that time.

Mr. Roman will not only be remembered for the things he did in the classroom at Galileo but outside of it as well. For many years, he took his students on trips to Washington DC and Europe.  He was the Class Sponsor for the class of 1998, 2001, and 2016. He was also the advisor for several different clubs, including the Vietnamese Club and the Closeup Club (the travel club).

Beyond helping to give students opportunities in the classroom, Mr. Roman has built numerous good relationships with teachers as well. This includes math teachers Mr. Ring and Ms. Nelson (because of the students they’ve had in common), Guitar teacher, Mr. Taylor (who he co-sponsored the class of 2016 with), Special Education teacher, Mr. Won (who he co-taught with for 2 years in a row), and English teacher Ms. Maroun (who was a student teacher at Galileo at the same time as him).

Students and faculty were surprised and saddened that at the news of Mr. Roman’s retirement. “I feel kinda sad about him leaving. Something that I miss about the class was creating love poem, his humor that makes us laugh, doing the Macbeth play, and his voice when he read the passage of the book, ”  said a senior in his class, Lisa K. Another senior, Emily H., added, “I feel sad about his leaving. His teaching is good even though he gave out many writing assignments. I miss the time when we shared out our writing about the experience in class.”

“I think this is good to him to get some rest due to the hardship of his health. Of course, It’s sad that he couldn’t make it through the end of the year. I will definitely miss his humorous personality,” said librarian, Mr. Phelps.

Administrative assistant Ms. Grinnell said, “He greeted me every morning when he comes to the main office. I would definitely miss his smile and greeting. I know it’s sad for lots of us, we all understand his situation, it’s good for him due to his health issues, so he can have a “good” retirement time.”

As he leaves Galileo, Mr. Roman has some final words, especially for those who might aspire to follow in his footsteps. He said, “My advice to my students that want to be a teacher in the future is keeping a good sense of humor, enjoy interacting with other people, and building up good communication skills.”

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