PTSA Thanks Volunteers

The PTSA hosted its first ever “PTSA Volunteer Appreciation Event” at the last PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) meeting on Wednesday, April 17th. The event celebrated all the support parents gave to help the PTSA throughout the school year. Volunteers helped in numerous ways through the school year: giving school tours, fundraising to provide food, and planning events for the teachers were some of the reasons PTSA president, Ms. Lee, decided to host the event to thank the parents.

While the PTSA provided free food and music during the event as the night was focused on the parents’ recognition and showing appreciation. A few Galileo staff came out as well; including counselor Ms. Bohannon, Math teacher Ms. Yee and Physics teacher Ms. Wong. However, the overall event was low in attendance, as only three parents attended.

Despite the low numbers at the event, Galileo’s PTSA and staff are thankful for all the help these volunteers have given. Newcomer Counselor & Family Liaison, Ms. Wong, said, “I want to say that Galileo teachers and counselors are really grateful for all of the support that we have received this year from the parents and guardian volunteers.  I’m glad we got to get together to at least try to recognize the ones that have given a lot to us. I had hoped that more volunteers and staff had shown up, for still grateful for those who showed up.”

Ms. Lee echoed Ms. Wongs thoughts, saying, “We had an intimate meeting to thank our volunteers and PTSA participants.”

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