Freshman Poll: School Expectations vs. Reality

By Kamieya Bynum

As the class of 2023 finish out their first year of high school, many of them now have a very different view of high school then they did starting high school. As these freshmen get ready to become sophomores, the Galileopress wanted to know, “how did your expectations of freshmen match up with your actual freshmen year?”

Gianna S.

“I heard the classes were gonna be easy, and they’re right. For example, I thought I would struggle in my biology class, but it was actually pretty chill and fun and I understood what my teachers were trying to teach me.”








Marcus Y.

“I thought my classes were going to be hard, but my teachers are pretty chill. Most of my classes aren’t that hard for me and they’re fun.”








Mia D.

“I thought that there would be tons of homework, the classes would be really hard, and the teachers wouldn’t think of you as an individual and personally care about you, but they do!”








Lucero V.

“I think it was good but I thought it was going to be harder but it was easy. From a little school to a big was easy and it was easy to make friends. The teachers are very nice.”








Christine L.

“I think that freshman year is pretty good. From the beginning, I thought that it was gonna be a lot of stress but it’s wasn’t as bad as you really think. It was easy for me personally to meet people, and socialize. Other than that there’s a lot more work than I thought it was gonna be.”








Zilin T.

“I thought freshman year was going to be hard, but I came here all stressed about how to manage my time and now everything is fine. I like it here.”








Kevin K.

“The first time I came here I thought it was too much work and stressful, but now I’m very comfortable here.”








Christian H.

“I thought high school was going to be hard because it’s hard for me to make friends, but the friends I came here with made friends and they accepted me so everything was actually okay. The school work is also pretty easy.”

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