Unforeseen Senior Year

By Jay L.

Prior to my senior year starting, I was expecting my last year in high school to just be like any other year and for everything to go smoothly. Although I would need to do night school in order to make up a class I didn’t do well in my junior year, I didn’t think this would impact me or my performance in school too much. Everything was lining up for me and I was super excited to be done with high school and move on to the next level of education.

The school year kicked off in August and I was really enjoying school, especially seeing my friends again after a summer away from a lot of them. As we hit September, I had started to attend night school at City College of San Francisco. It was twice a week and the teacher I had there was really great, energetic and encouraging.

However, around the same time I was attending my night school course, I began to have problems at home, which greatly impacted my school attendance, performance and motivation to work hard to get on track to graduate and do well in school.

My parents were having arguments at home and were not getting along with each other whatsoever. It got so bad that my mother left the house and stayed at her sister’s place instead because she couldn’t stand being around my father any longer. I thought this would all resolve on its own with time, but that didn’t happen.

As the weeks went on, things got worse and eventually, my parents decided to split from one another permanently. This didn’t bother me all that much because, I thought, this would be better for the both of them. However, this forced me to make an extremely difficult and heart wrenching choice: Who was I going to follow and live with, my mother or my father?

The decision was difficult to make and I honestly don’t think there is a right choice, but in the end I chose my mother. We then moved out and lived at my aunt’s house in San Jose. With all of this going on, I didn’t really think about school or what I was leaving behind when I left the city to go live with my mother. My sole focus was on aiding my mother at the time and helping her recover from what had happened.

Eventually, about January, my mother tried to sign me up for homeschooling, but that didn’t really work out because we couldn’t find any courses online that fit what classes I needed in order to graduate.

Skipping forward to March, my mother convinced me that I should go back to school at Galileo. She told me she was grateful for all I had done, but she didn’t want to pry me from my studies or be responsible for holding me back a year.

So, I went into the counseling office at the beginning of March and had a meeting with my counselor to sit down and explain everything that had been going on in my life the past few months. We discussed a plan to comeback from everything I had missed, and though it was actually doable, it seemed nearly impossible. I knew I would have to really have to focus and work hard in order to make up my grades and try to graduate as soon as possible.

During this time, my teachers and friends have all been very supportive and helped me get back into the school and the learning environment. All of my teachers that I talked to were super understanding and were all willing to help me try to pass my classes.

My friends stood by me along the way and helped me with work in these classes and also motivated me a lot. As we get closer to the end of the school year, my grades are continuing to rise thanks to the help and motivation from all my teachers and friends. If all goes as planned, I am on track to graduate in the summer of this year after taking a few makeup courses.

This has taught me a lot about life because things don’t always go the way we want them to. We can try our best at times to try and prevent these things from happening, but some things are just inevitable. All we can do in these cases is move on, and try to learn from them.


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