My Reservations about Going to College

By Gabriel Recinos Tirado

Many Galileo seniors are excited to finally graduate high school in a couple of weeks and finally be able to move on to college. While this seems like the dream for most seniors, don’t include me. I’ve got some reservations about going to college, here’s why:

First off, being on your own and getting the college experience sounds very appealing. However, that isn’t the case for me as well as many other students. Instead of going away and living on my own, I’ll be stuck living at home while attending college. Being at home while in college is like high school all over again except that in college, the curriculum is 100 times harder, so managing homework and dealing with stuff at home is going to be very, very unpleasant.

Another reason I’m not looking forward to going to college is that I’m not looking forward to owing a lot of $$$$. Everyone says to get a job while in high school to save up for college and have some money on you to buy whatever you want. That’s what I did. At my current job from May to September of 2018, I worked as much as I possibly could. But that backfired on me. Since I made so much money last year, next year my financial aid is going to be drastically reduced, 20-30%. WIth a reduced financial aid package next year, I’m worried that I will get fewer grants and more loans and will fall into debt as I slowly pay it back for the rest of my life.

Finally, while some people go to college knowing exactly what they want to study and learn, a number of other students I’ve talked to, as well as myself, are at a complete loss of what we want to pursue in college, and how it can affect the rest of our life. I feel the mounting pressure of having to decide what to major in, and whether or not it’s a good fit for me. I think a lot about what will happen if I make the wrong choice and how it can mess up my entire future.

Many of the college students I have spoken to say they really miss high school because even though high school may have seemed complicated to manage at the time, it isn’t nearly as bad as college. Moreover, even after you graduate from college and make about $1,000,000 more dollars over your lifetime compared to someone without a college degree; I am going to have lots of other expenses to take care of after I graduate college. For example trying to find a place to live and what to eat, etc.

All I have is about a week and a half left, to cherish being young and not having to worry about much. I may not be ready for college but I guess I’ll have to be in a couple of months. Wish me luck.

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