Safety Stripes and Stairs

Written By Albert L.

Over the last 2 weeks, Galileo students and staff have noticed new vibrant yellow stripes slowly appearing on the edge of stairwells around the school. These new stripes are here to replace the old faded stripes in order to comply with the American Disability Act.

Why are they there? The stripes are there for the visually impaired. Imagine if you are nearly blind and cannot see the floor become the stairs, and you could not see the start and ends of the stairs, you could fall and seriously injure yourself. These new stripes are vital for the safety of people at Galileo.

The idea for getting the stripes repainted was from principal, Ms. Benau, after she noticed how the old stripes were faded, and she decided to put in the work order. Administrative assistant, Ms. Grinnell, did not expect the work to be done so quickly though because normally work orders can take as long as a year to be completed.

Currently, the school is also trying to fix the broken magnets on the doors. Those magnets are supposed to automatically close the doors in case of a fire and would keep the fire from spreading around the school.

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