Varsity Football Coach Mark Huynh Resigns

By Kevin S.

After 10 years at the varsity level, bringing three city championships, one NorCal championship, and one state championship to Galileo, coach Mark Huynh has decided to step down as the varsity football head coach.

Dedicating nine months out of the year, the workload finally caught up to Coach Mark, which is the main reason he decided to step down. He was also responsible for overseeing both teams which added up to about 50-80 kids any given year. Before making the decision Coach Mark was contemplating if the time and effort towards football was worthwhile anymore.

“With many different things going on, it’s time to resign,” said Coach Mark about stepping away from coaching football, adding, “I’m going to miss working with the coaches and players and impacting their lives.”  

A number of junior football players were disheartened by the news of Coach Mark stepping down. “I saw it coming, but I knew I couldn’t do anything,” said quarterback Matthew T. Wide receiver Robby L., added, “I was sad because he had been my coach for two years, but I feel like we’ll still have the strong bond, but at least he’ll still be my basketball coach”.

Others wished Coach Mark could have stayed another year. “He should’ve stayed another year for the people that were looking forward to the season,” said receiver Brandon H. Running back Kidus S. added,  “He left too soon, it was shocking to me when I first found out”.

 Although Coach Mark has stepped down from coaching football, he will continue to coach basketball and boys volleyball.

In addition to coach Mark leaving the Galileo football program, assistant coach Blacksher will be also be moving on to Santa Rosa Junior College as an assistant football coach.

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