Exploring Multiple Roles At The Exploratorium

By Vanessa L.

Although she originally was just looking for a fun job to gain experience and earn money, working at the Exploratorium has become more than just a job for senior Lillian W. Over the last year and a half Lillian not only works as an “explainer” for people who visit, but also became an EXOMM member and was chosen to be part of the STEM program at the Exploratorium.

“The Exploratorium is more than just a job to me because my bosses and coworkers make it feel like a family. We all care for each other and have a lot of work keeping the museum running. But we know how to have fun too,” explained Lillian.

Lillian originally heard about the “explainer” position through a past employee who was advertising to attract teens and was hired in January 2018. Since that time, she has gotten more and more involved in her work community.

After working hard as an “explainer” for almost a year, Lillian’s boss thought she would be perfect to hold a leadership role in the Exploratorium committee team as one of the Exploratorium committee (EXCOMM) members. EXCOMM members are responsible for giving advice to their boss on how to improve the Explainer program and helping to curate a demo for the summer exhibition on theme identity.  Lillian says, “I feel like I have an important role to make sure everything runs smoothly and to bring people’s needs and desires to light.”

This past January, Lillian was also personally invited to take part in a new STEM program for high school seniors who are interested in going into a STEM career. The STEM program meets every other Wednesday after school but because it’s part of the Exploratorium, she is still considered working, but more importantly, learning. Lillian says, “This program has introduced me to so many careers interests and I’m so excited to see and learn more.”

Through her time working at the Exploratorium and especially through the STEM program, Lillian has gained interest in going into the medical field. She feels grateful to be able to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities the Exploratorium has given her.

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