Junior Poll: Ideal Senior Year

As the school year is ending, most students are only thinking about summer, but some juniors are already starting to think about what their senior year of high school. The Galileopress talked to some juniors and wanted to know: what are three things that could happen to make next year your ideal senior year and why?

Elias D.

“I want to get good grades, go to parties, and get into college, because if I get good grades, I’ll be able to go to college, and then I can celebrate”.

Ryan L.

“I want to get into UC Berkeley, get a scholarship for a sport, and have chill classes because senior year should be the happiest year for high schoolers”.

Paola M.

“Getting good grades, getting into a UC, and creating memories with my best friends before we go to different schools because those will create an amazing base for me to start at a new school”.

Andrei S.

“To play football, improve on my resume, and take college courses because football is something I really enjoy and my resume and taking college courses will help me in the future”.

Ken S.

“To not procrastinate and stay on task, have easy teachers, and to still be close to my friends so I’ll have motivation”.

Ben W.

“There should be better bathroom policies, someone should fix the bathroom handles because it’s so inconvenient to use the bathroom at this school, and I want a good GPA because I’ve been slacking”.

Jimmy W.

“I’d like there to be better lunches, cleaner hallways, and for myself to focus on more extracurriculars because I want to make my senior year more memorable and chill since the last three years were stressful”.

Xin W.

“I want to get good grades, a high SAT score, and have fun classes so it’ll make my senior year less stressful”.

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