Senior Poll: Final Words and Advice

By Michelle Ly

As the school year is ending the class of 2019 are ready to leave. With the seniors so close to graduating, here are some of their final words and advice to lower classmen.

Mary T.
My final word at Gal is “Finally”.
My advice to lower classmen would be to work hard and do your work even some you don’t know just do it because it’ll pay off”.

Ashley R.
My final words here at Gal are “Work hard and play hard”.
My advice for lower classmen would be to not get distracted, stay focused, and enjoy your years because they go by fast

Angela C.
My last words are “I’m tired”.
My advice for lower classmen would be to not fall behind and double up on math.

Brandon C.
My final words are “It’s been a rough patch these last 4 years. Now it’s time to move to the outside life”.
My words of advice would be to stay in school kids.  

Zubair S.
My last words are “I wanna leave”.
Advice I have for lower classmen are to not get any D’s so you don’t have to rush to try to change them last minute, don’t mess with anyone, keep it chill, and stay out of trouble.

Ricardo Y.
My last words are “Don’t procrastinate”.
My advice would be to get started early and take all the advantage you can.

Jojan P.
My final words are “What would I even say… something really clever. Right!”
My advice for lower classmen would be to find yourself ,your most important goals and find your foundation in life, as well as practice moderation.

Micah Hale G.
My last words are “Yay! More years of schooling!”
Advice I would give to lower classmen is to not be late to class.

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