Students Studying Out of State

Some Galileo seniors will be staying home for college, others will be scattered around the Bay Area for college, a few may head down to Southern California but the rare Galileo seniors will brave uncharted territory and leave California or even the country to continue their education. Here are 3 of them:


Niko Hillison, Senior will be attending Colby College in Maine this fall and will be studying computer science and having a double minor on the side. Niko is going to Colby because he got recruited for soccer and the college he is attending has good academics. One thing Niko likes about this college is “it’s a small private college and has a good community.”






Jacqueline Brown, Senior will be attending Middlesex University in London this fall and will be studying interior design due to having an interest in art and nicely decorated houses. One thing Jacqueline likes about Middlesex University is “there are a lot of mixes of arts and sciences there and the school has a variety of different majors to choose from”. The reason Jacqueline is studying out of state is she wants to have a totally different experience and challenge herself. Jacqueline was planning to attend Middlesex University since freshman year. Some of the things that Jacqueline is worried about is being away from her parents for the first time since she is really close to them. Last summer Jacqueline visited London and fell in love with the city. She likes the view, the people and the environment of that city.



Alice Xu, Senior will be attending NYU this fall and is debating on studying psychology or economics as her major. She likes how NYU has over 200 majors and there is a lot of room to explore. New York is one of the largest cities in the world, “where there is a lot of opportunities”.  the reason she is studying out of state is Alice isn’t originally from California and likes the east coast more but it doesn’t matter where she goes.

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