Mr. Welch on His Shoe Game

Written By Albert L.

Although Mr. Welch comes across as just another Social Studies teacher, he has a hobby that connects him more with his students than one might expect. Mr. Welch can be categorized as a “sneakerhead”, a collector of rare or hard to obtain sneakers.

Mr. Welch first got interested in shoes during his high school years. It got serious when Mr. Welch made the basketball team as a freshman and his mom surprised him with a pair of Nike Shox. He thought the Shox were “pretty cool” which got him more interested in other sneakers. His favorite shoes were the Nike SB (which stands for skateboards) Dunks. He liked these shoes because Nike would do all these collaborations with different skateboarders and brands like Tiffany or Supreme.

Mr. Welch says, “It’s fun seeing all the trends come and go. Dunks went out of style for a long time because everyone wanted more sleek looking shoes like Ultraboosts, but not chunkier shoes are back in style like the 700s so they’re coming back in again. Then there are shoes like the early Jordans that will always stay in style no matter what.”

Nowadays collecting shoes are not a priority anymore. While he does still buy shoes it’s often for reselling them, and only occasionally will he buy a pair of shoes to wear. There is now a vast selection of shoes in the market right now so not every shoe in on Mr. Welch’s wish list.

Right now Mr. Welch’s favorite shoe is the Nike Blazer because, “it’s a classic look”. His favorite brand is Nike because it’s what he grew up with it. Mr. Welch probably won’t collect shoes forever. He used to have a much larger collection but sold a lot of them and now he only has stuff that he really likes.

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