By Wilson Sierra

For the first time in 38 years, the Galileo Varsity football team forfeited their first regular season game to Balboa on October 5th. The Lions, who currently have 24 players on the roster, only had 9 players that were eligible to play in the game, even though the minimum amount needed to play is 18. 

Not having enough eligible players and forfeiting their first season game has added to an already rough season for the Lions. The team has even had to cancel the last 3 practices because there aren’t enough players to suit up. The Lions also went 0-4 in the preseason and lost each game by an average of 35 points. 

The main reason the game got canceled was due to responsibilities outside the football field, with poor grades that resulted in the Lions not having enough players to even practice with. 

In an effort to help the players become eligible to play, new head coach Chi Ali is going to try to raise their GPA by giving them 30 minutes of study hall every day before practice, making sure everyone completes homework and any classwork or projects that are due to raise their grade up.

Many of the players are frustrated at the current state of the team. Two year varsity wide receiver Brandon Ho said,“It’s pathetic! We worked so hard on the field but not off of it. It hurts to even question if we have a team or not because it’s my senior year.” 


While things look bleak right now, there are those that believe the season still can be saved. 

Athletic director Coach Keough, said, “I’m disappointed that the boys didn’t do their part outside the field but we plan to regroup and get ready for Friday’s game at Kezar against Mission. 

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