By Dollar Dacasin, staff writer

For the first time ever, Galileo’s entrepreneurship class held a shoe cleaning fundraiser on October 3rd in room 463 during lunch where the students from the class cleaned a pair of shoes for $6 or 2 pairs for $10. This fundraiser was to help raise money for their class trip, which is yet to be determined.

Shoe cleaning was the first  of 6 different fundraisers he entrepreneurship class plans on holding, and depending on how much money they raise is where the class will go. 

At first the first group didn’t have the idea of cleaning shoes, but as they started brainstorming, they thought of shoe shining would raise a lot of money since a number of Galileo students are into shoes. Also, a number of the students in the class have had experience in cleaning shoes. The class advertised their fundraiser by telling everyone they knew, and also put up flyers about it to help spread the word.They also prepared by gathering  quality shoe cleaning products from Crep Protect, Jason Mark, and Angelus Cleaner. 

The class hoped to make over $400 on the fundraiser, but unfortunately they ended up cleaning 3 pairs of shoes and made much less than they anticipated. Entrepreneurship student, junior Nicholas W. said, “Shoes were cleaned well, but I think everyone forgot because no one came.” Another Entrepreneurship student, junior Mike M. added, “It sorta bummed me out that no one came, no one gave us a chance.”


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