By Sasha Stremlow

With over 23 colleges attending, this year’s annual college fair at Galileo on October 7th was the largest turnout of colleges in the history of the fair. A good variety of colleges from around the country set up in the courtyard at lunch to pass out brochures, talk about their college and show students some of the many options and opportunities. 

In order to make the fair a success year after year, college and career counselor, Ms. Chan, has to prepare months in advance. She said, “ I reach out to different branches of schools, the UCs, CSUs, the military, out of state, public, private, and international. I sent out invitations last May I  had to wait for their response and see what fits their schedule.”

According to Ms. Chan, having the fair is crucial for students at Galileo because the biggest nation wide college fair, NACAC, moved out of San Francisco and is  now in Santa Clara, which makes it harder for students to go to experience a college fair. Ms Chan said,“I think given that information (that there isn’t a college fair in SF anymore), it’s more crucial that our school continues to host a college fair, so it’s more convenient for students.” 

Students came away with an overall positive experience from the college fair. Junior Marwa B., said, “[The fair benefits Galileo students] by branching out many opportunities that we may not have known about and they get to see the varieties not only in california but the whole country, and students can see the colleges that fit their standards and narrow down their choices.” “

Sophia B., added, “I think that the college fair is a good opportunity for students and it helped me figure out more about the colleges I want to go to, I also liked talking to the colleges in person because they answered questions others couldn’t.”

Photos courtesy of Ms. Chan


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