The Impressive Anime Collection 

By Anson Wen, Staff Writer

Valued at about $2000,Galileo junior Dennis A., has assembled a massive set of anime collectibles. Inspired by his favorite anime growing up, such as Dragon Ball and Sword Art Online, Dennis has collected a wide range of figurines, cards, posters, scrolls, and much more. 

Dennis began collecting at the age of 9, when he was influenced by his older brother, who Dennis claims has an even more impressive collection than him. 

While Dennis first built a smaller collection from buying things at regular collectible stores, his collection began to really expand when he started going to anime expos with his older brother. 

Dennis draws back memories of spending most of his money on things he wanted at expos, specifically pop figures from his favorite anime, where one time he spent  almost 500 dollars in a single day. 

Nowadays, Dennis doesn’t spend nearly as much time collecting, as he doesn’t have as much time to focus on it. Though his collection is worth a ton of money, he feels like its worth much more than what he’s spent, stating, “I would say it is worth $1500 to $2000 but its sentimental value makes it practically priceless.” 

Though his collection is already massive, one piece that he still has his eye out for is a pop figure from the anime “My Hero Academia” that is worth around $200. Overall, Dennis cherishes his collection as if they’re trophies, obtained for the sole purpose of display and a reminder of his favorite childhood anime. 

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