It’s-a Me, Mario Kart

The nostalgic racing game, Mario Kart, from renowned gaming video game company Nintendo was recently released on mobile devices. Prior to the game’s release, students could only play Mario Kart on consoles manufactured by Nintendo like the DS series or the Nintendo Switch, but now everybody is able to play on their everyday devices.

The game is an eight player go-kart style racing games that feature Nintendo’s most iconic characters like Mario, Luigi, and Bowser. Players try their best at coming in first place while using items, received throughout the course, to help them gain an advantage. 

The new Mario Kart game also has some new features that make the game more interesting, like being able to hold more items depending on the character chosen, and a new point feature where you’re able to earn stars based on the points acquired. You can then exchange the stars for things like new cars or characters.

As of right now, multiplayer is not available yet, but has been promised to be implemented in a future update. Junior Melanie Wen said “It’s a great game and I love how I could play as much as I want without restrictions, I’m looking forward to playing my friends when multiplayer finally comes out.”

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