Hamilton Field Trip

By Geninaandrea Ombania

Galileo students were treated to the world famous musical, “Hamilton”, which tells the life story of the American Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton, at The Orpheum Theater. Students from Mr. Ayala, Mr. Welch & Mr. Seligson’s American Democracy class were all able to watch the show after an organization called, the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, offered schools the chance to see the play in exchange for students completing a worksheet, a quick surveys and a performance piece before the main show started. In order for this opportunity to happen for the students, Mr. Ayala had to start the process back in May of this year, which included a lot of meetings and paperwork. 

Senior Janine L., a student in Mr. Ayala’s class, said, “It was a life changing experience because it makes me want to watch even more musicals and it is also a different twist to a typical history class in which you learn about the past using the good old boring textbooks. It is sung which makes it more engaging and educational but I wish our seats were closer in order to actually see the faces of the actors.”

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