By Susan Wu, Staff Writer

 Mr. Chin and Ms. Yu sponsoring 23’ t- shirts

Dating back to last spring, ASB advisor, Ms. Kwan, had been looking for Galileo faculty to sponsor the class of 2023, but without any luck. Class sponsors are critical for a class to have because they help organize events, and meetings as well as help the class save up enough money for future events like prom or graduation. Realizing how important this need was for the class of 2023, biology teacher Mr. Chinn, and Counselor Ms. Yu decided to step up and save the class. 

Mr. Chinn decided to become class sponsor after the school year had already started and since no one else stepped up to volunteer. He also wanted a good partner, so he asked Ms. Yu if she would also volunteer to help. They officially became sponsors for the class of 2023 on September 25th. 

One of the things Mr. Chinn is looking forward to as an advisor over the next 4 years is seeing this freshmen group and grow from freshmen to seniors. So far he feels good being the advisor, and enjoys learning about the students and finding out their opinions on specific subjects for the Freshmen Pep club. Based on what Mr. Chin had seen so far, he said, “I think this class can accomplish a lot of  good things based on their leadership and teamwork. There are great leaders, big motivations, and lots of spirit in making the class of 2023 fun.”

 Mr. Chinn doesn’t want the class of 2023 to focus only on themselves though, but also wants to see more community activities and hold events to help the school. His goal is to impact the school in a positive way, not just the class but the whole community. 

As for Ms. Yu, her goals for the class is to raise money, have more people involved, win Song and Yell next year, and get students to be more self- sufficient and independent. Her plans on doing so is to hold fundraisers, and have discussions on future events and how to deal with them. Everytime she runs into a freshmen, she always tells them,  “Join pep club!”  

Mr. Chinn and Ms. Yu are more involved in things right  now, since the class is only in its freshmen year and are new to the school and events, but over time, they hope to let the officers run and lead meetings and students will be able to make decisions for the club.

Currently the Freshmen Pep club meets at lunch every Monday, in room 403.    The club is used to help the class make decisions, and see what activities they plan to  commit to. However, Mr. Chinn and Ms. Yu don’t want the club to just be for announcements but for the students to voice in which direction they want the club to go towards. There are also discussions on school events and what they should do for the event to raise money, sponsoring the club, or to just help the community.  

There are currently five temporary officers: Connie Huang, Lena Huang, Chloe Yow, Jun Shao Liu, Finn Hiss, and Jamie Zhu. There are elections in November or early December for being officers of the year, so freshmen can go vote on them then. 


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