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By Leila Talbot, Staff Writer

Finding the right part time job has a lot of factors depending on the applicants’ needs.  I hopped into the job pool with no prior knowledge of what my experience would be like. There are many jobs to choose from in the area, so finding the right fit is important. There are categories in jobs including, but not limited to: retail, foodservice, and office. Having heads up from my classmates would have helped me narrow down my choices for jobs. The goal of this column is to help students who are in my shoes find the right job for them. 

Jason W, senior 

After finding a help wanted poster on the freeway last month by Target, a general merchandise chain, Jason Wong had found his first choice job, at least for high school. He got hired to work as a reshelver, which he finds very much enjoyable. The job is interesting, but not too crazy, making it an optimal first job for him. While he doesn’t have any complaints, he jokes that he “enjoys the life of a corporate slave.”

Working as a reshelver has been smooth sailing for Jason so far. While the job is, for the most part, the same, one time he started to get crushed by a spinning shelf in the backroom. He laughed while recalling, “I felt like Flat Stanley!” Other than the one time he nearly got crushed, he finds his job to be consistent with minimal customer contact because the customers approach him first.

Jason finds himself constantly entertained and enjoying himself at work. Reshelving has him moving the entire shift, which can be tiring, but he finds more fun than his classes at times. He describes it as if “you went to Target normally,” making it a job he’d like to continue through college.


Hiring ★★★★★

Jason felt he had a nice interviewer with a great attitude. He didn’t mention the questions asked, but it can be assumed they are likely standard.


Training ★★★★★

Since Jason is a new hire, he still frequently needs help. He feels that his coworkers will help him if he asks, making his working environment one he feels is very welcoming. 


Work ★★★★☆

Jason sometimes finds himself getting tired after a 3-8 hour shift. Overall, he has a positive experience while working.


Benefits ☆☆☆☆☆

No benefits that he feels helps him, as he is a part-timer.


Entertainment ★★★★★

Jason feels constantly entertained, the shift passes quickly for him.


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