Tradition of Volleyball Senior Night

By Kristen Zee, Staff Writer

A time to celebrate, but also filled with emotion and tears, senior night for the Galileo varsity volleyball girl’s team is the finishing touch to a highschool career. After putting in time, dedication, and sweat, senior night is a chance for the seniors to say goodbye to the audience, coaches, and teammates as a Lioness. This final home game is all about the seniors and putting them in the spotlight one last time. 

Senior night begins a few days before the actual event. The players, outside of the seniors, set aside their own time to paint a poster for a senior. Then on the day of the game, right before it starts, the players hang up their posters for the seniors as a token of their appreciation for the seniors. 

Right before the start of the game, the team captains thank the parents, friends, and peers for showing up and supporting the seniors, and then introduce the seniors on the team. Each senior receives a card and a small gift from their teammates. After the announcements seniors, the captains also announce the seniors on the opposing team since it is also one of their last games. 

‘It was fun to see how this team celebrates senior night.  I did not expect the posters to be so well done and clever.  You could tell the girls spent a lot of time working on them.  I also enjoyed having the parents of the seniors come, it was special having them there to walk the seniors out.  I also thought it was good sportsmanship of our girls to recognize the other team’s seniors,” said head coach, Rachel Scott.  

As for the seniors, each of them felt loved.  “This years senior night was really fun as everyone was really supportive of one another. We played together like a family,” said senior Ada W. Senior Alexis C. added, “I knew senior night was going to be special because it is every year. I always knew that it would be a game where everyone would have fun and end up emotional.” 


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