By Genina Ombania, staff writer

 Some attendees from Homecoming

A lively crowd of 260 students showed up to Galileo’s Homecoming, “Let’s Glow Crazy”, on October 26 at the Holiday Inn on Van Ness St. Compared to the previous year’s homecoming, where only 150 students showed up, this year’s homecoming was considered a major success by the ASB. 

With a crowd that was almost double the size of last year’s dance, it seemed like more people were willing to join in on the dance floor. Another difference for the crowd’s energy may have been the music as the DJ was also able to play some requested music unlike last year, which resulted in disappointment when the playlist was totally different. 

While those who attended enjoyed themselves, there were a number of students who were not able to get tickets to the dance. According to ASB advisor, Ms. Kwan, she said, “I feel bad because while homecoming had a really good turn out, because of the number of people who bought tickets last year was only 150, we chose to book in a smaller venue this year which is cheaper than the usual one at Fisherman’s Wharf.” However, Ms. Kwan also assured that there would be a much bigger capacity for the next dances, Boat dance and Prom.

While this year’s venue was not able to accommodate as many students, some did enjoy the atmosphere it provided. Senior Ajalae Sarte said, “homecoming usually takes place at the Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf but for some reason, they changed it to The Holiday Inn which was better because we got to have the chance to head out of the main room and try to rest and sit down before hanging out around the dance floor again.” 

Other students also commented on how the dance was different from their expectations. Senior Charity Farre said, “It was my first time to attend a school dance and it was the opposite from what I heard from the past few years, that it was boring and dry, This year’s homecoming was fun, although I wished that there were more air conditioner to make the place colder.”

Senior Ken Som, added, “Hoco was a great time to finally catch up with the people I haven’t really seen all year and let myself loose from most of the stress in the early school year whether it’s college applications or having a job.”



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