By Rowin Galvez, staff writer

For the past 10 years, Mikal Hasae, has been a security guard at Galileo High School. He chose to be a security guard for two reasons. One reason was because he felt like it would have been a great experience. The other reason was because his brother-in-law was also a security guard, and he told him that being a security guard was a stable job. Although he became a security guard, as a child, his dream job was to be a firefighter. He was born in San Francisco and had a great childhood growing up and spending time with his family and friends.

Back in high school(June Jordan High School), he was a class clown and was pretty popular too. Regardless of his reputation, he was a diligent man and got the work done. He was also an athletic person(even up until now) and wanted to be a football player in school since that was his favorite sport ever since he was young. Unfortunately, his high school did not have any sports at the time so he only played the sport with his friends on their own time. After high school he went to a City College for 1 year and took EMT training after that. From that point he became the security guard he is now. 

The moment he became a security guard at Galileo, he felt as if he was one of the protectors of the school. He felt this way because if there were any life-threatening events, then as a security guard he must protect and guide the students to safety in which he has done a few times before. One major example of a life-threatening event was around last year when there was poor air quality in San Francisco. He helped out during that time by providing surgical masks to students nearby if they needed it. 

 On a daily basis, he constantly tells students to go to class and argues with them if they refuse. Other than that, he had many encounters with outsiders who have tried  to get inside the campus. One time he had to even physically detain someone from causing further disruption in the area. It is also common for him to confiscate weapons, drugs, or phones. 

Overall Mikal’s quite satisfied with the work he’s chosen, saying, “I’ve been told that teamwork makes the dream work and my team is the people in this school and my dream is to keep them safe.” 

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