Lim Sisters Reach Tennis Finals

By Afrah Ali, Staff Writer

Playing for the first time together this season,  sisters Jillian and Jacqueline Lim, reached the finals in doubles at the All-City tournament. Impressively, they played their way to the championship by beating the #1 seed in the tournament (Christine S. and Kaitlin C. from Lowell), although the sisters lost in the championship match (6-3,6-3).

Despite the loss in the championship, the sisters believed this was a great opportunity for them. “Playing with my sister was a good bonding experience because we grew closer,” said Jillian. Jacqueline added, “It was fun to play with my sister since we both usually play singles, and placing with my sister as my doubles partner was an unforgettable experience.” 

Both sisters agreed that their biggest win together was their comeback win against the #1 seed in the semi-finals. The girls lost the first set, but were able to make a comeback by being more consistent and changing their strategy by playing back more because their opponents were so aggressive. Jacqueline said, “I felt really good beating them because it felt like we really earned it because we went 3 sets.” 

Although they were happy about beating the #1 seed, they were also disappointed at not being able to win the last match. Both Jillian and Jacquline thought they could have played better. Jillian said, “We lost because we were nervous and we weren’t used to the pressure,” while Jacqueline added, “It was disappointing. We should have won. We played better in previous matches than we did in the championship.” 

During the season Jillian and Jacquline usually play singles, but together with the coaches, they decided to play doubles during All- City because it gave them the best chance to earn a medal. Although they were ranked  as the #5 seed, their expectations were much higher. Jacqueline said, “Going into All-City I was expecting to medal because even though we were ranked low, the rankings were messed up because we felt like we should have been ranked higher. We had played the girls who were ranked higher and had beaten them before.”

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