Juniors take the win

By Sasha Stremlow, Staff Writer

For only the 7th time in 75 years, the junior class won the annual Song and Yell contest which took place on Friday October 25. The juniors, class of 2021, were able to achieve this feat because while they came in 2nd place in a number of categories, they were ranked #1 in skits, which accounted for 60% of the total score. 

Jeffrey Z. Junior class president stated, “I feel like the junior class deserved to win. We put in over 90 hours of work and practice and we started planning before school even started. Although we ran into some mishaps we pulled through in the end.”

The junior class also won the Friday Pep rallies, (10% of the score), which were held in the courtyard at lunch on Fridays, leading up to Song and Yell. The categories in which the junior class came in 2nd included ASB sticker purchases, homecoming purchases, and Song and Yell cheers, each accounted for 10% of the score. 

“I think the juniors deserved it and we worked really hard for it, I’m so proud to be part of the winning junior class,” said junior Kylie L. Daniela G. added “ I feel great about our win because the junior class made history because of how many years it has been since the juniors won”

While many students thought the junior class won Song and Yell because the seniors were disqualified, this actually wasn’t the case. More surprisingly, the senior class ended up coming in last place, the sophomores came in very close to winning, but ended up in second place and the freshmen came in third. 

Many of the seniors did not take losing Song and Yell lightly.  “ The judges were biased and I think the seniors should have won, the juniors did well but its sad the seniors lost their last year of high school,” said an anonymous senior.

However some seniors didn’t worry so much about the results and enjoyed the experience. Senior Ada W stated, “I had fun so i don’t care about the results the only thing that tainted my experience was the people who acted immature but it didn’t stop me from an amazing day.”


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