Hawaii Life

By Myriam Mendez, Staff Writer

Teaching in Hawaii for the last 4 years as a change of pace in his life, new Galileo math teacher, Mr. Rackley, is back in the Bay Area after teaching in Castro Valley prior to his time in Hawaii. According to Mr. Rackley, living in Hawaii is similar to living in the Bay Area, but slower and calmer. The best parts about Hawaii for him were the weekends, where he would go hiking, and enjoy the sunsets and waterfalls.

Although Mr. Rackley enjoyed the Hawaiian sunsets and waterfalls, he didn’t really go to the beach, and he also didn’t go surfing since every time he tried he kept falling off.  Some other differences that Mr. Rackley noted between living in Hawaii versus California is that there is no daylight savings, so you never have to move your clock. However, the worst part about Hawaii for him is that there is NO TRADER JOE’S out there. 

Mr. Rackley believes only some people are suited to live in Hawaii. He says, “It [Living in Hawaii] just really depends on the person, maybe on a younger person yes, just for the experience.”

Some of Mr. Rackley’s best memories while he was teaching in Hawaii were the times he and his students would do beach cleaning days, go on hikes, have a beach day, and if it was raining they would go to the ice-skating rink for the day. There would also be a week every year during the year when the school would allow him to take his students off campus and just have a few days of fun; going shopping, hiking, and exploring. 

Mr. Rackley knew he wanted to be a teacher when he was in high school because it’s in his blood as his mom, dad and grandma were all teachers. However, he didn’t follow through with it at first as he became a graphic designer for about 5 years. So he went back to school to become a teacher like he wanted to be in the beginning. He realized his motivation for becoming a teacher was to give back and also to try and make math more understandable for students. 

He decided to move back to San Francisco because he missed it and knew he wanted to be closer to his family and work closer to home.  

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