By Susan Wu

With many Fall sports coming to an end, there are always highlights from each sport season. These are some highlights from each coach and players of the Fall sport they participated in. 

“The highlight of my season was learning more of volleyball as a first year head coach. I enjoyed the bond we had as a team and being able to see how much my players have developed through one season. Although some people were moved around and not getting to play the position they wanted, they still end up succeeding and doing well at the position I have put them in to play.” – Jackie Guo, Junior Varsity Volleyball Coach 







“One highlight of the season that I loved was when we came back from losing and beat Balboa.  In volleyball, you play the best of 5 games. We had lost the first 2 games. Instead of giving up and accepting the loss, the girls banded together and played amazing.  They came back and won the next two games tying it up. Then we got down early in the 5th game. But once again instead of getting down, we fought hard, came back, and won! The energy of the team was so great.  The crowd also showed up big time. They cheered so loud that the entire gym was shaking. I haven’t been to a high school game that had that much excitement and energy. I think that win really helped our team because it showed them that they can push through hard times and beat good competitor.” – Rachel Scott, Varsity Volleyball Coach

“The highlight of the season was when Demetrius Artis was running 97 yards kickoff return touchdown. Another highlight was when Jose Argueta getting the first interception during the Mission game. Big thank you to Layla for always helping everyone in the football team with water breaks, making sure they all had equipment, and supporting the team with enjoyment and laughter. I would want to continue the tradition of varsity never losing to George Washington High School ever. Hopefully next year, we would at least win two or three games or make a special highlight.” – Adrian Poot, Junior Varsity Football Coach

“The highlight of my golf season was placing fourth throughout the city. It had been more than a decade since Galileo placed anything in the semi finals. I’m glad to contribute to our placement. After all, this is my first year and we got a good standing. I’ll never forget my first year playing golf. Also, I broke a tee for the first time. A tee is a stand that holds the golf ball. Breaking a tee made me happy because it showed that I had a strong hit and the shot was well. I got to keep a souvenir for the season!” – Connie Huang, Freshman Golf Player 




“The highlight of this season for me was beating Mathias Camilla, a freshman, when running a 5 kilometers at Golden Gate Park with the time of 18:19 while Mathias had a time of 18:37. I consider Mathias as my rival during practices, and he comes to practice once a month. Consistently improving, knowing that my hard work pays off, it still feels good. Cross Country is ending in two weeks, and I will try to do our homework and raise my grades, so I will be able to run. I am on the verge of failing and am very close to not being able to run. Galileo is placed third behind Lincoln in the city.” – Thomas Lin, Junior Cross Country Runner



“So far since the beginning of the season, I always liked playing different roles in the stunts that we do because not only does it push my limits it teaches and shows me different ways I can do things to help and play my role in the stunt. I’ve based and flown (it’s not hard once you get used to it). I also love when the team comes together to help each other no matter whether we are experienced or not. We’ve built this special bond with only knowing each other for about a month and a half.” – Kamiyah McDowell, Freshman Cheerleader

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