Remaking 206

By Myriam Mendez

With the help of William Sonoma, the Startup Academy has transformed room 206, which is the Teachers Resource Room, refurnishing it with new appliances and furniture. 

Renovation plans originally started about a year or two ago when they came and redesigned the teacher’s lounge. Startup Academy already had a relationship with William Sonoma and Ed Fund through Ms. Kapchan. 

At first it was just going to be a redesign, but then it grew into a multi-stage process, where they wanted to work with students and that’s when the Startup Academy met with the William Sonoma design crew, which was made up from people all of their stores. The William Sonoma design crew took some of the Startup Academy students ideas and incorporated it into recreating room 206. 

The design crew and the students ended up meeting multiple times, which included multiple phone conferences, to plan out the remodel where William Sonoma’s crew could work more closely with students and do a project that was more useful for teachers. 

Entrepreneurship teacher for the Startup Academy, Ms. Ly, is proud of the work everyone put into the redesign. She said, “I’m very happy with the results, I feel like it’s a really nice space to walk into. The William Sonoma design crew is still working on ways to make it more functional, but I feel like 206 looks really good compared to before. I think the William Sonoma people are really proud to have been part of this whole process, not just redoing 206, but they said the best part of it was the workshop they had with the Startup Academy.”

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