Fall Sports Review

By Kristen Zee, Staff Writer

The Galileo fall sports team wrapped up their season with a roar. While some of the 7 teams  were disappointed in how their season went, other teams felt like they exceeded expectations. Here’s a recap on how each team did:


Cross Country 

Record : Boys Frosh Soph – 4th

               Girls Varsity – 3rd   

Boys Frosh Soph – 3rd

 “Honestly it [this season] didn’t meet my expectations and I thought this year for me personally would have been good. But I’m glad that as a team we finished third in the city” –Junior Finn L, Varsity 



Girls Golf


Record/Standings: 3-3, 4th place 


“We had a great season. I was able to introduce the game of golf to more girls, and we made the San Francisco Section playoffs for the first time in over 10 years.”-Head Coach Biorn







Record/Standings: 4-2, 3rd place 


“We came in 3rd place for the first time in 20 years. My expectations, along with the teams, were surpassed.” –Junior Joanne H, Varsity 








Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball 


Record/Standings: 4-4, 5th place 


“The team had a pretty good season as we went 4-4, but I believed we could’ve done better. We were satisfied with the outcome even though it wasn’t what we were hoping for.” –Freshman Fiona L, Right Side 





Varsity Girls Volleyball


Record/Standings: 7-7, 5th place in Div 1

“I felt happy about our season because we went through good and bad times, but at the end we all thrived together as a team. It was somewhat expected, but it could have been better.” –Senior Ada W, Libero





Frosh Soph Boys Football

Record/Standing: 0-4, 6th place


“The season was not as planned but the season was a work in progress. In the beginning we were not that great but as people started to show up at practice and games, we started to improve.” -Amare P. Linemen




Varsity Boys Football

Record/Standing: 1-4, 6th place 


“We lost lots of games due to lack of players because of grades and injuries and it didn’t meet my expectations because I wanted to at least win against Lowell and Burton to make it to the playoffs, so hopefully next year we can fix all of it.” –Junior Anthony Z, Wide Receiver


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