I’m a Competitive Cuber

By Hugo Xu, Staff Writer

I can solve a Rubik’s cube in under 15 seconds. 

About 3 years I got into speedcubing(another name for competitive Rubik’s cube solving), like most cubers do, after my parents bought me one .When I first tried to solve it by myself, it was really frustrating. I looked up on Youtube and Google “how to solve a Rubik’s cube”, but I just couldn’t figure out what the people were talking about. My frustrations led me to drop cubing because I felt like I had better stuff to do.                     

Things changed though during the summer of 2016 when I met someone at summer camp who could solve a Rubik’s cube. This was the first person I’d ever met who could solve a cube, which  got me interested again in trying to solve mine. When school started again, I asked him how he solved it and asked him if he could teach it to me. 

Compared to what I learned online, my friend’s method of teaching was much easier because he would teach me one step every day, instead of giving me all the information at once, which was what I did when I was trying to solve it myself. It took about 2 weeks for me to understand how to solve it.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 Eventually I started timing myself at how fast I could solve the cube. I would typically average about 3 minutes. My friend told me he averaged about a minute and a half so my goa became to be as fast as him. After practicing for a month I could solve it just as fast as him. 

My parents weren’t that impressed and told me I was too slow. I wanted to prove them wrong so I practiced and practiced sometimes by myself, sometimes  with my friend. He would give me tips and reminded me when I forgot a step. 

Over the next 4 months it was all about just solving the cube every night at home. My times dropped to 40 seconds.

 Everything changed when I met someone who could solve it in 30 seconds, he actually took the time to look at tutorials and learned, which was something I couldn’t do. He just told me to learn by watching videos. I finally took his advice and I could see change in my times, ,as  I started averaging 20 seconds. 

I entered my first competition over the summer. During the competition I averaged 16 second per round, which was good for 25th place out of 60. I felt proud of myself because going into the tournament, I didn’t think I would have placed 25th. 

Over the 3 years of cubing I learned  that I am capable of being good at a hobby it only takes a lot of effort and time. 3 years ago I wouldn’t have solved the cube for about 2 hours straight to improve because I didn’t know I can sit there for 2 hours and solve the cube. Another thing I learned was my fingers are really fast.

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