By Rowin Galvez, staff writer

The enthusiasm in his voice whenever he talks about a problem or a concept in class is the first giveaway. The second giveaway is the countless math jokes he tells when interacting with his students. Even after 21 years of teaching at Galileo, students can clearly see that math teacher, Mr. Ring, loves math. 

His love of math started from a young age  (from around elementary through middle school) where he saw it as being a fun and difficult game. 

 In high school while math was still his favorite subject, he also began to enjoy the concept of using a lot of  logical thinking. With this thought in mind, after high school, he attended John Hopkins University, in Baltimore, Maryland, where he majored in Economics(a major involving a lot of math classes). 

Despite his passion for math, Mr. Ring decided to pursue a career outside of math after college, choosing to work in public service to see if he would be interested in politics. He tried it out by working as a junior staff member of a congressional committee in Washington DC. He enjoyed the experience, but soon realized that politics was not as interesting as his favorite subject in the world. 

What Mr. Ring finally realized was that he wanted to combine his favorite subject with doing public service, so he volunteered at a local high school to try it out. At the local high school, he discovered that teaching is more rewarding than any other job he could hold. After moving back to the west coast, Mr. Ring chose Galileo because it was the only school that was convenient for his schedule at the time.

Mr. Ring loves his job and is happy to come to work every day, which is evident when he says, “Math is fun and hopefully one day my students would believe it is too!” 

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