Girls Basketball Eye Playoff Opportunity

By Michelle Tang, staff writer

February 20th, 2020 is circled on the calendar for the Galileo girl’s varsity basketball team as they are expecting to be playing in a playoff game. The team narrowly missed the playoffs last season, losing their final game to Academy, who ended up claiming a playoff spot. Putting aside a tough end to last season, the team believes there is reason for optimism as head coach Matt Allen is now going into his 3rd season, a familiarity with the system the team is running, as well as 5 returning players from last year.

“I am feeling excited [about the season] because we are just starting to figure out who we are and what type of team we can be. The players are all great people and it’s a privilege to be their coach,” said Coach Allen.

Coach Allen believes that part of the formula for the team’s success centers around one player that can play every position, senior Daisha T. Daisha knows a lot of attention will be placed on her by opposing teams, but she feels ready and believes that the team can win. She said, “I have been doing a lot of cardio and leg strengthening exercises at home to prepare for this season. I don’t believe any team will get in our way of making the playoffs because it’s my last year so I will do whatever I can to prepare myself and my team to take home the win.”

While Daisha will be carrying a heavy load this season, she’s not the only player the Lioness will be counting on. Sharon C. knows that she will have to take on some of the leadership, especially as a senior. She said, “This is my 4th year playing for this team and I’ve always been one of the younger ones. This year I’m finally one of the older players so I’m excited but I also feel responsible to look after my fellow teammates.”

Along with Sharon, fellow senior Xin W. knows that she and the team have to continue to improve throughout the season. Xin said, “I am looking forward to improving more on rebounding, building a bond with the team, and enjoying my last year playing basketball in high school. I think our team should work on communication and collaboration so we can achieve our goals most effectively and efficiently. I also believe teamwork can foster friendship and help us understand each other.”

While the seniors are focused on their last season at Galileo, some new faces are just trying to get used to playing at the varsity level. Sophomore Fiona L. knows there are going to be both ups and downs for her in her first varsity season, but like the seniors, is looking forward to the season. Fiona said, “Being a sophomore on the varsity team is tough, it’s a pretty new feeling having to play with older kids and my teammates really make me feel at home. It’s a whole new experience for me knowing that the players I’ll be playing against are probably bigger, stronger, and faster but it will probably make me a better person and player overall. I’m looking forward to a tough season, but I know it’ll be fun!”

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