By David X, Zach H, Staff Writers

Last year, primarily due to budget cuts, Galileo could not continue the JROTC program; but with the help of principal Ms. Benau, the program is back for the 2019-2020 school year. In addition to the budget cuts last year, JROTC was also missing a large enough group to keep the program

 “Last year the JROTC was cut from the school because of budget cuts and there weren’t enough students for that year to put money into JROTC,” said Ms. Benau. .

Some students who were part of the JROTC before were sad last year that the class was gone. Senior Alvin H.states, “Honestly I was devastated at the time my, life revolved around JROTC, I was genuinely lost on what to do during the first half of my junior year.” Junior Jeffery Z. added, “I did feel a little angry because a lot of people really cherished this program because a lot of people come from iffy backgrounds and JROTC is there for us to talk about it and helps us feel safer. To summarize it all up, when they removed JROTC, I was angry but I did understand.”

Many of the students who were part of the JROTC program felt so strongly about getting it back, they spear-headed the effort into restarting the program. Some of these students attended galas to meet with youth leaders, and had meetings with state treasurer Fiona Ma and San Francisco mayor London Breed. Students all received a lot of help from others, including; the school district, and the Army. After all their hard work, enough funding has been budgeted so that Galileo can now hire the required two teachers. Mr. Chris Chrisholm has been the JROTC teacher since the beginning of the school year, and a second teacher will also be added sometime in February. 

Many students are glad to have the program back at Galileo. Senior Kahlai P. states, “We were ecstatic, everybody was super happy. Everybody who’s been in RO and actually put time into it, when you invest time into it, you get a lot out of it and to see it gone, sucks.” and Bill G. says “Honestly I feel really good that it’s back because we fought for it for the whole year and it feels like we had a sense of accomplishment. After all the trouble the students went through, hopefully the program can stay permanently.

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