Meet The Class of 2023 Freshmen Officers

By Susan Wu

The class of 2023 have officially elected their first set of officers. The Galileopress spent a little bit out time with each officer to find out a little more about them. Here’s what we asked them:

  1. Why did you decide to run for your position? 
  2. How do you think you will help the class of 2023? 
  3. What is a fun fact about yourself?

Class President: Grace Ou 

  1. After helping lead Song and Yell, I realized that I enjoy planning and leading events or activities. I also wanted to get involved and was encouraged by my friends and teachers to run.
  2. I will plan fundraisers, activities and events that are enjoyable for the Class of 2023. This will give them a chance to fundraise and support the school.
  3. A fun fact about myself is that I like dancing. 








Freshman Business Vice President: Connie Huang 

  1. I ran because I want to help plan fundraisers for the class. 
  2. I’ll keep track of volunteer events and do fundraisers often.
  3. I am part of the Galileo’s Golf Team. 










Freshman Social Vice President: Susan Wu 

  1. I ran because this is something new that I have never tried before.
  2. In my position, I would be able to post pictures of events on the social account and update students on how they can support class of 2023. 
  3. I have two siblings, one older sister and one younger sister. 








Freshman Historian: Chloe Yow 

  1. I ran because I wanted to be part of helping the school.
  2. I could help my class by presenting the events that we’ve had and show the memories. 
  3. I have been playing the cello for 4 years. 











Freshman Treasurer: Rachel Leung 

  1. I ran because I like the treasurer’s role. 
  2. I can help by keeping track of how much money we are using and how much we earned from fundraisers. 
  3. I like Kpop.










Freshman Recording Secretary: Vicky Huang 

  1. I ran because I wanted to get more involved with school.
  2. I can give out ideas and opinions, and help contribute to the events. 
  3. I can play the violin. 











Freshmen Corresponding Secretary: Linda Tang 

  1. I ran for this position because I’m positive that I can help the class of 2023, with my time and ability.
  2. I feel like getting the freshmen involved and informed will be a great help in general, but I’m definitely down to help arrange and attend freshmen events.
  3. I’m considering next year’s corresponding position. 









Freshman Activities Chairman: Kaden Tobias 

  1. I ran because I wanted to plan activities and make it as fun as possible.
  2. I will try to get input from everyone to make activities best for everyone. 
  3. I have a twin brother.


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