Winter Assembly

By Susan Wu

The Winter Assembly is to celebrate the end of the semester and show that the year is done. It is also a checkpoint that marks student progress over the school year. Students from different clubs are also able to showcase their performances like dancing and singing. The performances are examples of their development and progress for the clubs. ASB advisor Ms. Kwan, band teacher Mr. Taylor, peer resource teacher Ms. Alarcon, and all of ASB helped schedule and organized the winter assembly for the students to enjoy. It took a few weeks because they needed to fix the schedule and the clubs needed rehearsals, but in the end they were able to manage it and have the assembly. 


All the clubs have done amazing performances during the assembly have worked hard to make the assembly work. Kaylee O, a freshman commented, “My favorite performance in the winter assembly was the cheerleaders because their dance was good. I also liked the Kpop performance because it was very energetic.”

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