Teens’ Perception Of World War 3

By Alexandra Stremlow

Coming back from winter break,  the topic of World War 3 came up on social media which sent a lot of teens into a frenzy. Many started believing that the world was on the verge of war, and that they may get drafted to fight. While a lot of this commotion has died down over the last few weeks, teens often get worked up about rumors and things they hear on social media, which leads them to spread more gossip and rumors about things they don’t know are true. 

While the rumors of WW3 went around school among students, teachers have tried to help dispel these ideas that students get from social media. Regarding the idea of WW3, history teacher Mr. Seligson said, “I think it’s a real fear. However, I don’t know how eminent it is or if the fear is based on real facts or even historical evidence or patterns that might support that it’s coming.” 

Despite teachers trying to dispel rumors of WW3, teens already had been talking about the topic well before they came back to school.  Junior Sophia B. said, “I got the idea from the news, twitter and social media in general. It scared me because so many people were talking about it, and there was an attack on Iran. We’re already at war with other countries so what would stop Trump from starting another war? I honestly think it’s a cover up for Trump’s impeachment and he’s trying to distract people from it.”

Junior Daniela G. added, “I saw so many people talking about World War 3 so I looked it up on Google and saw that there was an actual news article on it. I started believing it and thinking that there was gonna be a World War 3. What was really interesting to me was that it was so trendy and people were seriously talking about getting drafted which I thought was crazy.”

In regard to what these students think, Mr. Seligson has these ideas about what students should realize. He said, “I think what young people don’t know is that we have more checks in place to prevent an outbreak of war and many more tools to prevent it. It seems like [the media is] hashing cold war fears in order to give the youth anxiety.”

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