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How my mom, dad and stepmom met at Galileo

By Staff Writer, Zachary Homran

When my parents were in high school they were way different than they are now. My mom, dad, and stepmom all went to Galileo high school and they were all friends at one point and this is how they met. 

My dad came to Galileo first in 1990. When he came to high school he was excited to meet new people and do new things; he wanted to go to Galileo to learn more about biology and science. But in the first couple of weeks when he was there he made friends that did bad things, like smoke and do drugs. One day his friends wanted him to skip his first period and meet them in the boys bathroom, the one underneath the football bleachers. That’s where he first smoked pot and a cigarette, which led him to start skipping his drama and math classes, which were his first 1st and 2nd period, to smoke with his friends. This was the type of student he was for the first 2 years of high school. 

My mom came to Galileo in 1992. She was an A and B student, Coming from Marina Middle School. My dad first noticed my mom because they both took the 49 bus on their way to Galileo in the morning. They ended up sitting next to each other on the bus a few times, and my dad wanted to break the awkward silence, so he started with some small talk, and as they continued to see each other on the bus each morning, their small talk turned into conversations, and they found out they both had a lot in common. 

Eventually, the two of them  got together and were a good match for each other.  My mom would constantly remind my dad to study and focus on his work. My dad would meet my mom at her 4th period class to go to Fisherman’s Wharf where they would buy food during lunch.

During their time at Galileo, my mom loved my dad a lot and was constantly worried about him because he would smoke weed and hang out with bad people that did bad things. So after a while my dad started getting his act together and my mom started hanging out with my dad a lot to the point she stopped hanging out with her friends and lost touch with most of her friends, although that allowed her to meet new ones. 

Sometime in the middle of the school year, in  band class, my dad noticed a new girl, named Rayma, who played the same instrument as him.  Since they both played the guitar, my dad went up to her to make small talk, and after a few days, they became friends and  he introduced her to my mom .

All three of them ended up joining the photography club together where my dad took the pictures and my mom and stepmom would edit them. Originally the club met in room 358, but was later moved to room 456. The photography club was the highlight of high school for the 3 of them as they had a lot of fun taking pictures of people around the school. They remember the photography club as close knit group that continued to add people as the school year went by. Unfortunately, after being in the club for 2 years, my dad graduated Galileo, and the new girl transferred schools, which led to my mom deciding she no longer wanted to be in the club.  

After both my mom and dad graduated from Galileo, they were still together and eventually in 1999 they married.  They had my older brother on January 2, 2001, got an apartment, than had me in April 5th, 2005. 

In 2011 my parents started arguing, then in 2012 they divorced. While my dad was browsing Facebook one day, he happened to see someone named Rayma and  found out it was the same Rayma from Galileo. After the 2 started talking for sometime, Rayma flew from Texas to see my dad and they after dating long distance for awhile he moved to Texas to be with her in 2014, and were  married in 2016. 

My mom also got remarried, and now I have another my little brother and  sister. Now in 2020, I’m a freshman at Galileo. Back where everything started with my mom and dad.  

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