By Michelle Liu 

Wanting to be unique from all the other blonde loving Asians, Kelly Z., a junior, once again dyed her hair, but this time in an extremely eye-catching and vivid  “galaxy” color for the price of $220. With unrestrained confidence, she unhesitatingly went to Mingjian hair salon on December 28th to experience through the 6-hour process of bleaching and hair dyeing. 

When Kelly came back to school after winter break, she expected people to stare and be stunned because of her hair, but she felt like it was probably a little more than she expected and was a little bothered by it. She also endured a few comments about her hair, like from her friend, junior Kristy M., who joked, “If she were to stand next to the blueberries and grapes in the supermarket, I might not even notice she was standing there!” 

However, despite the occasional jokes about her hair color, Kelly received a number of positive comments. She expressed that the compliments made her feel incredibly loved and special compared to the more mainstream blonde and red dyes she had in her hair previously. 

Even though she received a number of compliments, Kelly was actually at first  dissatisfied with her hair color, thinking it would turn out to be a lot darker purple. “After I saw the hair color, my gut was coiling with regret and I had gone pale from shock. I don’t know why the dye turned out this way. I was sure that the hairstylist mistakenly chose the wrong color,” Kelly said. 

Kelly first hoped that the hairstylist would re-dye her hair; however, the color has started to grow on her and she started to be more comfortable with the glowing, indigo hair. She realized that her hair was special, and the color began to fade, going from dark indigo to a slightly dull purple with a hint of pink at her roots from her previous hair dying experience.

Although she didn’t tell her parents before she decided to dye her hair, she says she has received support and acceptance from them when she showed her hair to them, and felt comforted in knowing they were open to her decision. 

While Kelly is happy with her hair color now, if she were to dye her hair again, next time, she said she would aim for an enhanced Brunswick green. 

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