By Flora Zhao

Coming back to Galileo after a 2 year absence, Ms. Hector is filling in for the spring semester as she substitutes for English teacher, Ms. Peters, who is on sabbatical to earn her  master’s degree. 

Ms. Hector started as a substitute in the district in 2015, teaching at many other schools, including; Lowell, Sota, Mission, Wallenburg, and Marshall Thurgood. Out of all of these schools she has taught at though, she says she likes Galileo the best. “I love the students, the administration, and the faculty at Galileo. It has great spirits and abilities,”  said Ms. Hector. This would eventually lead to a full time English teaching position at Galileo during the 2017-18 school year. 

Although, as of now, Ms. Hector will only be here for the spring semester, she is glad to be back at Galileo. She says, “It’s been fun catching up with old students.” 

Ms. Hector grew up in Miami and lived in New York for 20 years. When she was younger, she traveled to Europe and went to college in the east coast. As she got older, she worked with City Bank which allowed her to travel to all kinds of places. This opportunity led her to travel all over Asia, includin; India, Taiwan, and South Korea. She also traveled to South America  working there for 8 years, as well as doing projects in Africa. Ms. Hector’s life journeys eventually led her to becoming a teacher at many different schools.

She decided to become a teacher because she wanted to help teach kids how to read and write. She was always a huge reader and thought it would be fun to share the enthusiasm and to go back to read all the things she missed out on. 

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