By Rowin Galvez, staff writer

After taking off the fall semester to raise her daughter, Psychology and History teacher, Ms.Vicky Ung, has returned to Galileo in an unfamiliar situation of starting with a brand new group of students in her classes halfway through the school year. So far, Ms.Ung is adapting well to her new classes believing that being a teacher for the past 11 years has helped her become more comfortable whenever she teaches a new batch of students. 

While Ms. Ung is adaptable when it comes to her teaching career; as a new parent, she has been feeling a lot more tired than usual as being a first-time parent has impacted her with all sorts of emotions and new duties. 

Before she became a parent, Ms. Ung believed that being a mom was similar to being a teacher due to the fact that both duties require supervision for children, but after experiencing the huge responsibility that comes with being a parent, along with a work-life balance that’s required of her, Ms. Ung realizes that being a parent is much more tiring. 

 Ms. Ung does feel fortunate to have been able to spend six months at home with her daughter because it’s not a luxury all parents have. Now that she is back to teaching again, Ms. Ung understands that she won’t be there as often to see her daughter develop, but Ms. Ung is still happy, believing that children are resilient, and that her daughter will be just fine.

Ms. Ung may be adjusting to both coming back to teaching and not being able to see her daughter all the time anymore,  but is still very happy. She said, “I may not be able to be by her side during the day, but I know she is well cared for. I always look forward to going home and spending time with her. It has been joyful to have her in my life.”

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