Lights Back On

By Staff Writer, Myriam Mendez

Updating a recent story about the problems with the lights in the Van Ness gym, where the lights would flicker, and sometimes a row of lights would completely go out, on January 27, a construction crew finally came to Galileo to fix the lights. 

According to Galileo athletic coach, Mr.Keough, the Van Ness Gym lights were repaired over the Chinese New Year long weekend. The work was done by a contractor who was hired by the school district.

Coaches for the girls and boys basketball team were elsatic about having the lights repaired. Boys basketball coach, Mr. Mark Huynh said, ”We had our first practice yesterday and it was really bright and that helped us to focus on practice and not worrying about the light blinking or going off, so just being able to focus on practice was nice.” 

Girls basketball coach, Mr. Matt Allen believes fixing the lights helps show a better Galileo. He said, “I’m very happy to host games and welcome opponents into our gym.”He also added,  “It’s amazing how much effect those lights had on attitude, pride, preparation, and confidence. Were back playing in a good court, a good court that can host good games. Before it was embarrassing for coaches and players, you could see other teams looking down on us. But now we’re back and ready for a playoff push.” 



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