By Michelle Tang

Every week, Spanish teacher Ms. Laux balances her teaching career with her side job as a professional artist (singer, actor, dancer, arranging music and individual arts). Between teaching her 5 classes at Galileo, voice lessons, rehearsals, and performances, Ms. Laux’s life can get hectic so she has to be very selective of what she can do because she knows she can’t fit everything in. 

 “I must be very careful with my time management so I don’t overwork myself. I rely on my calendar to know what I will be doing, where the gig will happen and how long the event will take,” said Ms. Laux.  

Trying to manage the time to get ready for a performance during the school year can make life hectic for Ms. Laux. Typically she will have a performance twice a month or sometimes even once a week. She receives most of her gigs from a jazz musician/drummer, and on the day of a performance, she has to go home in order to do hair and makeup, then prepare for the  performance itself. If her performance is on a weekend, it gives her a little bit more space between her school work day and her side job as she has less deadlines coming up.

Ms. Laux will occasionally work with a band, but the commute and limited amount of free time makes it difficult. When it comes to performances, she tries to keep her rehearsal schedule under a couple days per week so it’s not too stressful. This also includes taking voice lessons, as she has to keep her voice in check by making sure it is constantly being trained to keep a steady vibrato.

Ms. Laux has been singing since she was little. She grew up going to church where there was always music and singing going on, however; even when others have encouraged her to pursue singing full time she’s been against it. For example, in the early 2000’s, when American Idol was really popular, her mom told her she could win it, but she always replied back, “That’s not anything that I want.” 

She has never wanted to pursue singing as a full career because she doesn’t like the idea of being famous, and having a lifestyle where people are always criticizing everything you do. She says, “That’s terrifying to me.”

However Ms. Laux does want people to enjoy her work. She says, “If somehow people hear my songs and want to sing it and hear it I think that’s really cool. If it’s making people happy and all that, that’s phenomenal.” 

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