By David X.

I made the Galileo badminton team, but I only tried out because I had to write about it for my story in Journalism. I couldn’t decide on a story to write, so it was suggested to me to try out for a sport and write about it. I reluctantly agreed. Going into the tryouts, I did not want to make the team, so I tried messing up on purpose during the drills, but somehow, even with my lack of experience and my low level of enthusiasm during tryouts, I  somehow made the team. 

About 40 people showed up at tryouts. I was actually a little annoyed to be at tryouts because I really didn’t want to be there. I didn’t know what I was doing compared to the other people at tryouts. The most experience I had playing badminton was in P.E once a year. I didn’t even care about messing up, I just wanted to get everything over with to do my journalism assignment. 

During tryouts, we actually weren’t asked to do much. We started with running a few meters to see our speed. Since it was just running, we were done with those relatively quickly. I think this is where the coach noticed me because I actually did pretty well since I’m in relatively good shape from running cross-country.

After that we started to hit the birdie. Hitting the birdie is pretty easy in badminton. We just had to hit the birdie high and far. I did this without much of a problem. Next, we had to hit the birdie back and forth with another person. This was the last thing we had to do in tryouts, and because I didn’t want to make the team, I chose to mess up my aim, hoping the coach wouldn’t pick me for the team. 

After tryouts, the coach called the names of people who had made the team. The coach called 5 boys. My heart sank when one of the 5 boys called was my name. I was shocked. I didn’t see a point in being happy or sad, I was just confused. Even after messing up on purpose I still made the team. If I were to guess why I made the team, I think it was because I just ran fast in the beginning of tryouts. 

In the end I had to go tell the coach that I was going to quit because I didn’t want to play this sport and was planning to play other sports. It was very awkward because I had just wasted his time, but at least the coach was very understanding when I told him. 

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