By Afrah A.

Growing up I was always a 49ers fan because my dad was a huge fan. He went to every game back at Candlestick Park when the games were in San Francisco, and still does at Levi’s Stadium, even though it’s in Santa Clara. I’ve always enjoyed watching football with my dad while I was growing up, and would call myself a passionate fan. So this year I was thrilled that the 49ersmade the Superbowl after being such a bad team the last several years. 

Being that the 49ers hadn’t made it to the Super Bowl in 6 years, we knew that my dad really wanted to go. We talked about going to Miami earlier in the week, but on Thursday night I said I wanted to go, and  even if we weren’t able to go to the game, at least we could go to the 49ers fan rally and just have fun. But the whole time I still I didn’t think we were actually going to go. 

Friday, the next morning, my dad announced we were headed to Miami, him, my niece and I. I was so shocked and didn’t  believe it until we were actually headed to the airport. I felt so happy because I went for the experience, even if we weren’t going to the game. I thought it  was also a great opportunity for me to finally visit somewhere that I’ve been dying to go.  

Saturday, the day before the Super Bowl, we went to downtown Miami to take part in the fan rally. It was a huge and fun experience for me because I got to be there to hear the faithful niner fans screaming with so much joy that our team made it to the Super Bowl. There were many activities that we got to do like meet the cheerleaders, play games, and watch a water show. We spent the whole day there partying with the other niner fans which was super loud, as we all got  ready for the Super Bowl the next day.

On Sunday, we ended up watching the game at a sports bar near the Hard Rock Stadium, and it was pretty fun because we got to meet very sweet people, like the old couple that were super amazing. When the game took a turn in the 4th quarter we were upset because it didn’t seem like a fair game and all the 49er fans were just quiet towards the end of the game. 

Despite the 49ers losing, something I will always remember is just seeing the smiles of my dad and siblings having fun and getting to experience something different from San Francisco. Miami has such a great vibe with all the palm trees and the awesome people. I’m really glad we went. 

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