By Leila Talbot, Staff Writer

Dr. Michael Jones, who was scheduled to fill in as Vice Principal of Counseling while Mrs. Kiss is on maternity leave, is being called back to help out at Balboa High School after just a few short weeks at Galileo.  A replacement for Dr. Jones is still trying to be found. However, no changes will occur in students’ curriculum from counseling. 

Before Galileopress found out Dr. Jones would be leaving, here’s are some things we found out about him. 

From a family of nine in Virginia, Dr. Jones is the youngest of his siblings, only being twelve minutes younger than his fraternal twin. He enjoys hiking, surfing, playing the piano, traveling, and eating good food. He would also like to get to know students and their goals, so feel free to stop by and say hello.

In his first few days, Dr. Jones has already felt warmly invited, and is learning his job for the semester. He hopes to leave an impact on the school with his passion for education and learning. He does have an open door policy for students with pressing questions. Dr. Jones’s advice to students is to “maximize the opportunities you have.” He compares both life and school to a vapor, since the opportunities are fleeting. He says, “You will want to soak up all that information.” Thinking 5-7 years in the future from any grade is something he highly encourages students to remain on the trajectory for success.

Both the counselors and Dr. Jones want students to know the curriculum will not be changing: college and career planning will continue, and to be prepared for course selection. 

Ms. Schkol, who is now writing the emails for the College & Career bulletin, is adjusting to her new responsibility. She’s hoping to balance opportunities with deadlines and optimize it into a more scheduled newsletter. Counseling will miss Ms. Kiss while she is absent, but they’re happy to have Dr. Jones. They are all very happy to know Mrs. Kiss will be able to enjoy time with her infant. 

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