Coronavirus Awareness

By Staff Writer, Genina Ombania

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome also known as Coronavirus has raised fears across the world as one of the scariest diseases. The most recent outbreak started in Wuhan, China and has since caused illness in more than 25 countries. According to reports, there is still no cure found for the new Coronavirus. 

Galileo students are also talking about the virus as most have heard things about it from social media or what they read online. Many of them are feeling anxious or scared about it. Senior Ilaria D.A said, “At the beginning I wasn’t worried at all because I thought that the virus would stay in China without reaching America but then I discovered that there were cases around the world, I got scared.” 

Junior Ria M. added her thoughts about the virus, saying, “I got worried about the virus because we do not have any idea about who is infected by it and that it can spread anytime. They said it’s not that serious but for me it’s better to be safe than sorry because if someone in my area is infected and dying rather than healing, what will happen if I am in that situation? It would probably be the same thing especially when a doctor can only cure a few patients. That’s what worries me the most because we only live once and today is probably not the right time to take the risk.”

Although a number of students are fearful of the Coronavirus spreading, possibly even to Galileo, Nurse Shoemaker wanted to put student’s minds at ease, saying, “The closest one that was diagnosed is in Santa Clara County. The Immediate health risk for San Francisco is very low.” She also added that, “if ever a student shows the symptoms, Galileo is in preparation stages and if we hear of someone, either the students or the faculty being diagnosed then we are prepared, but as of now, there are no known cases.”

In terms of taking safety measures, this is what Nurse Shoemaker had to say. “The precautions for CoronaVirus are the same precautions we should be taking every day in the week which is washing hands for 20 seconds, covering coughs and sneezes, not touching eyes, nose and mouth where germs get in and surface cleaning unless someone traveled in China, then the health care provider should be contacted.”

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